Towards A Better Muslim Society

Islam has come to salvage humankind and guide them to a better way of life, for the benefit of themselves and their future generations. It is imperative that humankind relate their souls to God Almighty throughout their life journeys so as not to be misguided and led astray. Ever since the Prophet started the da’wah, the world and its populace has been bestowed with knowledge, civilizations, and an ethical society which embraces human conscience and dignity.

Nevertheless, the achievements of the Muslim ummah have been fluctuating in accordance with its military-religious expansion and the counterforce by its opponents, namely the Rome-Persian and the West, albeit a few moments when the Khilafa has been in its utmost superiority in comparison to other civilizations. The fall and demise of each and every single Khilafa has been empirically related to the relegation of Muslim society’s faith as a whole. This debacle eventually relate to the time where Islam and Muslim countries are being oppressed relentlessly and divided by its nation-state boundaries.

Having said that, the Muslim nations continue to be devoid of faith, despite uprising and constant calls to return to the true and comprehensive understanding of Islam by few groups of religious scholars and reformers. This hurdle hampered the spiritual endeavour as far as reestablishing the Muslim world dominance is concerned. It is until the Muslim Ummah in its entirety change and transforms their conscience and mind towards the very essence of faith, they will never be able to achieve what has been achieved by their predecessors, or even greater.

Verily Allah does not change a people’s condition unless they change their inner selves.  (Ar-Ra’d : 11)

The aforementioned verse tells us that indeed, Allah will not change our fate and condition unless we, as a pluralistic functioning group, change our level of submission to Him and revive our faith towards the betterment of our Muslim Ummah collectively, be it in the realm of knowledge, ethics, kinship, or as far as rebuilding the Muslim international force. The ‘change’ mentioned is not deemed to be limited insofar as at the individual level, but instead going bottom-up to the event involving worldwide participations. The moment we try to transform our inner selves as a complete community, Allah will be pleased and aid us to firm our stance in withstanding the upcoming challenges.

Therefore, should we face any difficulty in this holy path, be reminded that Allah is certainly with us and will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Strive to the fullest in spreading da’wah and let us rebuild our Muslim ummah from within. May Allah guide us to the righteous way.

Syamil Salmi,



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